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Compare satellite Technologies
Comparing Technologies

  1. Small 18" inch dish, no moving parts...practically trouble free.
  2. Picture quality is crystal clear.
  3. Latest and best technology, no need to upgrade.
  4. International Programming.
  5. 130 channels and 31 CD quality music channels.
  6. $5.00 for programming on your second TV set or satellite receiver, only $19.99 maintenance fee.

  1. Like other satellite systems, you will need an antenna or cable TV to receive your local stations.
  2. Extra TV set requires an extra satellite receiver in order to watch different programming on each TV.
  3. No full sports package.
  4. Limited PPV channels (10)
  5. You are still going through a wireless cable company type that uses a FullView system as their source.
  6. Have to use to one company as your programming provider. With packages ranging from $19.95 to $49.95 per month.
  7. Affected by rain fade. When it rains hard you will lose your image.