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DBS Terms

DIRECTV Equipment Pricing and Sales Policies

We sell DIRECTV systems at a price that is substantially below our cost and rely on a dealer rebate program that is in place "if certain conditions are met". In order to purchase one of these systems at the listed prices, YOU MUST agree to the following conditions.

Please read carefully.

Orbit Communication Corp. (Orbit) sells DIRECTV systems at a price that is substantially below our cost and relies on a dealer rebate program that is in place "if certain conditions are met". In order to purchase one of these systems at our published prices, YOU MUST agree to the following terms and conditions:

Please read carefully.

  1. You must purchase a complete DIRECTV system AND you must be a first time DIRECTV customer. Our published prices are available only to first time DIRECTV customers who are purchasing a complete system. You represent and warrant hereby that neither you nor anyone in your household and this residence address has ever had DIRECTV television or DSL television or DSL service before.
  2. You must reside in a residential, non-commercial dwelling within the continental United States and be at least 18 years of age. You acknowledge and agree that you may purchase only one system per household at these prices.  You further agree that this system is not for a commercial location such as a Office, School, Hospital, Bar or Restaurant. If you need a system for a commercial location call Orbit Communication at 1-800-576-7248 to see how you can qualify for a FREE* system.
  3. You must activate your DIRECTV equipment with at least the TOTAL CHOICE or OPCIN EXTRA ESPECIAL or Higher Package within 30 days. Failure to do so will result in the following non-activation fees:

  • $400 For any Complete DIRECTV System

  • $350 For TiVo/or UltimateTV receiver

  • $150 For each additional receiver added to your system

If you are purchasing a TiVo or UltimateTV system or Receiver you agree to activate that service within thirty (30) days of receipt. The date of receipt for the purposes of this agreement shall mean the date upon which you or anyone on your behalf receives  shipment according to shipping company records.  If you purchase a multi-receiver package, all receivers must be activated at the same time.

  1. Upon receipt of your equipment you must log on to your account online to obtain your DIRECTV Account Number.  If not previously received via electronic mail then upon receipt of your equipment, you MUST Call Orbit Communications (Orbit) to obtain your DIRECTV Account Number.

  2. You MUST use the Orbit system as your primary system.  Should you wish to buy an additional receiver from another retailer (Not recommended), DO NOT purchase it prior to the full installation and activation of the system from Orbit. Otherwise, the retailer from which you buy the additional unit will submit a request for DIRECTV to attach your name to their dealership. If this happens, you acknowledge and agree that you will be charged of $400.00 and if purchasing a TiVo or UltimateTV you agreed to pay an additional $350.00 to Orbit.

  3. Return Policy. You may return the UNOPENED system prepaid within 30 days of receipt for a refund minus shipping charges. Returned systems must include all original items. You acknowledge and agree that there is a minimum 20% restocking fee for unopened product approved by Orbit for return plus all applicable shipping charges. IF the product you are returning was purchased for an invoice price of  $0.00 then the restocking fee will be calculated based on the retail value at the time of purchase. If any card associated with the equipment purchased has been activated there you acknowledge that there will be a fifty dollar ($50.00) Access Card Charge. DIRECTV service fees are not refundable. For instructions on returning your DIRECTV system, you must log on to your account and request a return authorization number. Any merchandise received without an authorization number will be returned to the sender.

  4. NTRC Validation. I hereby state that I have checked my installation zip code against Orbit Communication Corp.'s Web site , and am not in an area served by the members or affiliates of the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative. When activating service if the company is other then DIRECTV i.e. "Pegasus" I agree NOT to activate my equipment and request a Return Authorization (Subject to all return fees). Should Orbit be charged back because my address is located in an NRTC territory I agree to pay them in full the full chargeback amount.  If you are in an NRTC Area, TiVo and UltimateTV Products are subject to an additional $320.00 charge if service is activated in an NRTC territory.

  5. Additional Terms and Conditions.  

    A)        You hereby expressly give Orbit Communication Corp. permission to charge your credit card for any of the charge backs outlined in this agreement.  
    This agreement and order form are governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You agree that any disputes arising under this Agreement shall be heard and determined by a court of competent jurisdiction in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You agree that the courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts shall have both subject matter and personal jurisdiction over all parties to this agreement without regard to conflicts of laws principles.  

    C)        You acknowledge that should your product be defective or stop working after you have installed it, Orbit will not replace it. You agree to contact the manufacturer of the equipment directly for repair or replacement under the manufacturers warranty. All manufacturers warranties are in full effect at the time of shipment by Orbit. If you have to send back your DIRECTV receiver back to the manufacturer for warranty service please DO NOT ship the Access card with the equipment. Keep the Access card and insert it in the replacement unit you receive. Failure to do so will result in a chargeback. 

    D)        Should you fail to activate your receiver(s) or fail to pay Orbit for any of the applicable charge backs provided for in this agreement, you hereby expressly authorize Orbit to report the outstanding balance due plus all reasonable legal fees to all credit agencies as delinquent. 

    E)         You acknowledge that if you are already a DIRECTV subscriber, you are not eligible for the published pricing. You agree that if Orbit discovers that you are already a DIRECTV subscriber, then you hereby authorize Orbit to add the Previous Customer Charge of up to $500.00 to your invoice and to ship your system to you without the need to notify you.

                F)  Sorry, no DIRECTV orders will be shipped outside the continental U.S.A

Orbit Communication guarantees the Lowest Prices in North America on DIRECTV Products. If, in the unlikely event, after buying from us, you find a lower price from an authorized DIRECTV retailer, on the identical item within 10 days of purchase, Orbit Communications will refund the difference to you. The competing price must be advertised in a printed, verifiable publication and be readily available to the general public. Bankruptcy, Model Close Out and Distress Sales are excluded. We reserve the right to determine eligibility of our Guaranteed Lowest Price offer.

Posted 06/12/02

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