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1998 News
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4DTV Gets New Software Download 11/18/98

Code Broadcast begins November 18th!

All 4DTV receivers in the field and all those that get installed going forward will get the latest 4DTV software starting on November 18th. One of the great benefits of the 4DTV system is the ability to enhance the receiver by delivering new features and fixes over the satellite. We’ve listened to many of your requests for changes and enhancements and have added many to this latest software release.

How To Get The New Software

The software code is delivered on satellite G9 and the 4DTV receiver will automatically receive it the night after the code starts to be transmitted. All 4DTV receivers will receive the new software automatically by following these simple instructions:

  1. Make sure you have no timers set between 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM.
  2. Sometime before 2:00 AM, place the receiver in standby (press the POWER button). If you have automatic dish movement enabled, you do not need to be on G9 at the time - the receiver will automatically move the dish to G9 at the appropriate time. If you have that feature disabled, you need to leave your dish pointed at G9.
  3. The receiver will get the new code automatically at about 2:10 AM. The actually time it takes to rewrite the receiver’s memory is approximately 20 minutes. During this period, the receiver is not available to watch TV.

How To Know You’ve Received It

After November 19th, you can check to see if your receiver has received the new software by bringing up Diagnostic Screen A (OPTIONS, 6, 0, 5) and look at the version numbers on line 3. The first number will be either 00000027, 00000043, or 00000061. The next 3 numbers should all be 0000006D and the last field on that line should return to "ID" once again. If you see the 0000006D, you know you have received the new software successfully.

What If I Never Turn My Receiver OFF (or in Standby)

If you or one of your consumers like to leave your 4DTV receiver in the "ON" state all the time, then the receiver will wait seven days for the opportunity to receive the new software. At this point, if you have the automatic dish movement option enabled, the receiver will automatically go to G9 at 2:00 AM to receive the new firmware. Otherwise, the 4DTV receiver will NOT receive the new code unless you leave it parked on G9 overnight to get the new code.

What Are the New Software Changes?

We’ve incorporated many of the features and changes many of our dealers and consumers have requested. Including:

  1. Support for IRD Volume Control has been added. To use this feature, program your remote with a 3-digit address that begins with 1 (i.e., 100, 101, 102, or 103). To disable this feature, program your remote with a 3-digit address that begins with 0 (i.e., 000, 001, 002, or 003). The remote control address in the 4DTV receiver must match the last digit of the address programmed into the remote.
  2. Two new diagnostic screens have been added: F and G. Diagnostic Screen F contains IPG information. Diagnostic Screen G contains virtual channel and satellite table information. Both of these screens can be accessed in the same fashion as the other diagnostic screens. In addition, several new "pages" were added to Diagnostic Screen D. Detailed information about all the diagnostic screens will be made available on the Orbit's web site.
  3. Previous skew settings are now used as the defaults when installing a new satellite. In other words, the skew settings set for the last satellite installed will be used as the preset values for the next satellite you install.
  4. Save Actuator Adjustments for all satellites — If your dish is off by several actuator ticks, you now have the option to adjust ALL the satellite settings by adjusting just one satellite. In the "Adjust Satellite" menu screen when you go to save the settings for one satellite you will be given the option to "Adjust All Satellite Positions".
  5. Placing the IRD in "TV" mode (vs. "SAT") no longer disables IRD operation. The only difference between SAT mode and TV mode is that the remodulated RF output of the 4Dtv operates in pass-through mode when the receiver is placed in TV mode.
  6. The IRD standby/on state is now preserved across AC power cycles. So if the 4Dtv is "on" when AC power is lost, it will reboot "on". The same applies to the "standby" state.
  7. The Detailed Info banner is now full screen when invoked from the IPG.
  8. The "Please wait..." banner has been replaced with more meaningful text for the more common unauthorized states.
  9. Diagnostic Shortcut Key — If you press the HELP button while on any diagnostic screen, an asterisk will appear next to the title of that screen. Then you can press HELP any time from any other screen to get back to that diagnostic screen immediately. Pressing HELP again while on that screen will restore the HELP key to normal operation. (You can then press GO BACK to return the previous diagnostic screen and then navigate to another diagnostic screen to define the shortcut key to take you there.)
  10. The IPG now calculates times correctly and shows programs as starting from the hour such as starting at 6:00 rather than 5:59. This also allows the timer icon to show correctly in the guide.
  11. There are also dozens of behind the scenes fixes and enhancements to make the 4DTV receiver more robust and easier to use than ever. Some of these include improved storage of audio subcarriers, more consistent IPG data reception, the "Next" feature on analog channels is fixed, and many other behind the scene improvements.
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New Internet 4DTV Guide
TV Guide

4DTV Adds Spanish-Language Programming 9/12/98

1. Discovery en Espanol: Discovery's original and educational programming in Spanish.  Includes shows featuring travel, animals, and computer information for children. (X7-750)
2. CNN en Espanol:
24-hour Spanish news information affecting Latin America.   Includes news in finance, sports and entertainment. (X7-751)
3. Fox Sports Americas:
24-hour high quality Spanish-language sports programming. Includes nightly sports news and original sports-oriented programming. (X7-752)
4. CBS TeleNoticias:
Latin-American news information and talk show programming. (X7-753)
5. CineLatino:
Original Spanish-language movies with no dubbing or subtitles. (X7-754)
6. BoxTejano:
Interactive music video channel featuring big-band country sounds. (X7-760)
7. BoxExitos:
Interactive music video channel featuring the hottest Latin sounds from ballads to dance, from pop rock to Caribbean. (X7-761)
8. Canal 9:
Argentinian super-channel featuring popular variety shows and entertainment in South America. (X7-755)
9. Latin Contemporary:
Spanish music featuring romantic ballads, boleros, modern rock and ranchera ballads. (X7-836)
10.Rock en Espanol:
Cutting-edge Spanish rock music. The latest in urban, alternative, fusion, pop and punk. (X7-837)
Dance music filled with Latin rhythms incorporating elements of rhythm and blues, jazz and rock. (X7-838)
12.Latin Dance:
The latest in Latin dance mixes, including hot dance rhythms from Merenhouse to Eurobeat. (X7-839)
Country music from Mexico reshaped in Texas.  Features tejanos, cumbios and ballads.(X7-840)
14.Regional Mexican: Unique blend of Mexican regional music from Norteno, banda, grupo and ranchero soloists. (X7-841)
15.Latin Jazz: Jazz with hot Latin rhythms of cha chas, salsas, mambos from Latin artists around the world. (X7-842)
16.Cumbia: Popular dance music inspired by a fusion of Native American, African and European cultures. (X7-843)

The Suite
"The Suite" is a multiplex of music video channels from MTV & VH1, also joins the lineup of free preview channels currently being offered to 4DTV owners until December 30th.  This package of music video channels includes:
M2: Music Television, the music video channel (C3-800)
MTV "X": featuing hard rock, active rack and heavy metal music (C3-801)
MTV "S": the Spanish language music video channel for U.S. Spanish-speaking young adults (C3-802)
VH1 Smooth: featuring a combination of Jazz, New Age and Adult Contemporary music videos (C3-803)
VH1 Soul: the music channel for Rhythm & Blues and Adult Urban videos (C3-804)
VH1 Country: music from today's hot country music artists (C3-805)

Free Preview Lineup
The existing free preview lineup also includes 12 other digital channels available to 4DTV consumers:
1. Access Television 1: features infomercials (G7-780)
2. Access Television 2: features infomercials (G7-781)
3. Access Entertainment Network: features infomercials (G7-804)
4. America's Health Network: features health programming (X7-604)
5. Bloomberg Information: features business and financial news (X7-583)
6. CBS Eye On People: features news-magazine shows (X7-581)
7. Fit TV: features fitness programming (X7-403)
8. Kaleidoscope: features health programming (X7-601)
9. Outdoor Life: features outdoor sportsman programming (X7-401)
10.The Outdoor Channel: features outdoor sportsman programming (X7-402)
11.Ovation - The Arts Network: Arts programming (G7-600)
12.Wingspan: features programming on air and space (G7-603)
The existing free preview lineup also includes 12 other digital channels available to 4DTV consumers:
1. Access Television 1: features infomercials (G7-780)
2. Access Television 2: features infomercials (G7-781)
3. Access Entertainment Network: features infomercials (G7-804)
4. America's Health Network: features health programming (X7-604)
5. Bloomberg Information: features business and financial news (X7-583)
6. CBS Eye On People: features news-magazine shows (X7-581)
7. Fit TV: features fitness programming (X7-403)
8. Kaleidoscope: features health programming (X7-601)
9. Outdoor Life: features outdoor sportsman programming (X7-401)
10.The Outdoor Channel: features outdoor sportsman programming (X7-402)
11.Ovation - The Arts Network: Arts programming (G7-600)
12.Wingspan: features programming on air and space (G7-603)

new.gif (13080 bytes)4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes)Pay Digital Channels  hot.gif (20655 bytes)

6 New MTV Digital Channels Now on the 4DTV 8/03/98

Six new channels from The Suite from MTV & VH1 officially launched on Saturday and are available with a 4DTV receiver on C3, 800 through 805.

Don't forget before you can receive any new channels you must download them so go to satellite G9 channel 07 a stay on it for 3 minutes, then check your new channels.

C3 800 M2 • C3 801 MTV X • C3 802 MTV Spanish • C3 803 VH-1 Smooth • C3 804 VH-1 Soul • C3 805 VH-1 Country

MTV Readies Launch Of "The Suite," Joins the  4DTV 7/31/98

MTV Networks will debut a package of new digital channels, known as "The Suite from MTV & VH1," at midnight on Aug. 1, 17 years after MTV launched and two years after sister network M2 made its debut.

As with most new network launches, the five channels that are part of the suite do not have carriage deals in place with cable or DBS providers, at least for the day of launch. However, they will be added to General Instrument's 4DTV analog/digital C-Band receiver preview program for a period of up to six months.

The "Suite" includes M2. New channels are: MTV "X," featuring hard rock, active rock and heavy metal; MTV "S," a Spanish language music video channel for U.S. Spanish-speaking young adults; VH1 Smooth, a combination of Jazz, New Age and Adult Contemporary music videos; VH1 Soul, which features Rhythm & Blues and Adult urban videos, and VH1 Country, with music from artists defining today's country music.

New Movie Channels

cinemax(1).gif (1181 bytes)

If you subscribe to HBO/MAX Check out the new channels

G1-130  ActionMax (East)
G1-132  ActionMax (West)
G1-133 ThrillerMax (East)
G1-135 ThrillerMax (West)

Galaxy 4 Channel Changes

If you have not yet registered. Register today and have the latest news e-mailed to you.

Channel Ch Name C/ Ku Satellite Transponder
Video Catalog Channel Catalog C E2 5
Radio TV Portugal RTPI C E2 8
Woki-FM Knoxville WOKI C E2 5
NHK (o/v) NHK C P5 17
Gospel Music Network GMN C S3 19
Warner Brothers (o/v) WB/ov C T5 18
Buena Vista Feeds Buena C T5 20
Wild Feed o/v C T5 24
Chinese Central TV Programming CCTV4 Ku T8 18
Much Music MUCH C W3 6
Midwest Sports Channel MSC C W3 6
University Network UnivNet C W3 20
WCCO ( Minneapolis-St. Paul) WCCO C W3 6
Chinese Central TV Programming CCTV4 Ku X3 13



www.ZDTV.comZDTV is the first TV channel to focus exclusively on computers and the Internet. We'll teach you how to be more productive, and we'll share the secrets and shortcuts of experts around the world. So, whether you're a first-time buyer faced with this strange plastic box, or a computer professional whose bottom line depends on accurate information, our experts can cut through the confusion.

On May 11, 1998 ZDTV rolled out their satellite TV lineup of news and entertainment shows. In addition to their focus on computer technology, ZDTV wants to hear from their audience. So don't just see TV, go and be a part of ZDTV.

Guide Problems Again

If you are not able to download the guide information, "You are not alone."   To fix the problem, go to G9 channel 7, then disconnect the power to your 4DTV receiver, wait about 10 seconds, then plug it back in. After the warm up, press guide and let it download.

These Channels are going to be FREE until 9/30/98
If you are not receiving these channels - call Superstar 1-888-999-2506 and ask them to activate Hits in the clear channels

G7-400 classicsports.comClassic Sports Network
The first 24-hour, all-sports television hall of fame, featuring the world's largest library of rare and exclusive programming from the NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, classic boxing, Olympic Games, golf, tennis, figure skating, and college football and basketball.
G7-600  ovationtv.comOvation - The Arts Network
OVATION, the only television network devoted exclusively to the arts, offers tours of great museums and exhibitions; profiles of best-loved and up-and-coming artists; documentaries on musical styles and artistic movements; performances by preeminent musicians and symphonies, and dance, theater and opera companies; behind-the-scenes coverage of important arts events; and explorations into the arts of cultures around the world.
G7-601 Kaleidoscope
Wingspan - Air & Space Channel
On Wingspan, the world's first television channel devoted solely to aviation, you'll find programs that cover the full spectrum of flight and space, including daily international news, documentary programming for the aviation buff, educational programs for young and adult viewers, and entertainment programming such as films and special interest magazine shows.
G7-780  Access TV 1
G7-781 Access TV 2
G7-782 Access TV 3
Whether you want to work out with your favorite celebrities, cook delectable low fat recipes with world renowned chefs, aerobicize with FiT TV star Tamilee “Buns of Steel” Webb and Reebok Master Trainers Petra Kolber, Gin Miller, and Kathy Stevens, strengthen and tone with FiT TV creator and premiere fitness innovator Jake of Body by Jake -- FiT TV has it all for you.

pl_outdoorlife.gif (1247 bytes)Oudoor Life Network
Brings scenic outdoor adventure indoors -- 24 hours a day. Includes family oriented "how-to" information for the camper, angler, climber, bicyclist, hunter, photographer, skier, sailor, kayaker and more!


pl_cbseop.gif (2640 bytes)CBS Eye On People
This new 24-hour network offers a fresh, engaging mix of real stories about real people, including celebrities, newsmakers and ordinary, everyday people who have touched our lives. Programming ranges from live daily shows to classic CBS news features.


www.Bloomberg.comBloomberg Television
Provides 24-hour coverage of worldwide business and financial news. Over 50 news bureaus, all major commodities/debt/equity exchanges and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce contribute breaking news stories, statistical data and training seminars.


American Health Network
America's Health Network
The nation's first and only television network dedicated to giving viewers easy access to health and medical information, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Features live call-in shows where doctors provide reliable answers to viewers' questions.

showxnew.gif (1966 bytes)

Showtime Extreme Now Available on 4DTV

 4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes) recevier owners will find Showtime Extreme-East on C3, 104 and Showtime Extreme-West on G9, 104. A 4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes) subscription to Showtime is required to receive the channels. See Ordering Pay Channels in our Programming section or call 1-800-57-ORBIT.

TVN Special Events
4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes) Channel
In other 4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes) news, TVN has a new special events channel on G9, 390. The channel will be used for pay-per-view events such as boxing and wrestling matches and concerts.

To receive this satellite follow these steps:

Go to G7 press"Options 6 + 4 + 4" Then use your down arrow until you see "KF" press "enter go to channel "333" then hit "Go Back" and "save" and to finish hit The "View" button.
Using generic KF (Ku-Band) satellite format at the Galaxy 7 positionhot.gif (20655 bytes)

Time Finally Fixed

You may have noticed the 4DTV System Time is more accurate today no matter which channel you tune to.  That is because we enabled the 4DTV receiver to take the System Time from the central data stream instead of each digital channel data stream.  This time message is backed by a GPS receiver, so should prove to be much more accurate than before.

If your time is still not accurate, it is probably because you have not tuned to a digital channel with the central data stream yet.  You can do this manually by tuning to any digital channel on G9, G7, or G1, or the Showtime channels on C3.  Or you could wait for the nightly IPG download by turning off your receiver.

BBC now availablehot.gif (20655 bytes)

BBC now available on the Ku side of G7 X7 channel 782.

New Channels on G7hot.gif (20655 bytes)

New  4DTV channels on G7.  As 3/4/98, these channels began broadcasting for free. The channels include: The Golf Channel (ch. 405), TV Food (ch. 602), International Channel 2 (ch. 603), TV5 (ch. 751), Country Music TV (ch. 805), The Box Edge (ch. 801) and BET on Jazz (ch. 806).

Here are some hidden Menus

Options 6778

4dtv3.jpg (27376 bytes)

Current fixes in software version 61

  • Audio settings are now stored for every channel, but might have a bug.
  • Video unmuting is instantaneous when changing to an active NTSC channel.
  • Odd/even channel skip option is available.
  • Receiver modem PPV support.

dmx1.GIF (10165 bytes)

DMX2.gif (1934 bytes)

40 Digital Music Channels for free

Now 4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes) Owner have 40 DMX Music channels
commercial free on G9, This channels start at channel 820 to 859.   No Subscription is required just tune to this great channels.

If you would like to find out more about DMX just click the button bellow.

More Info On DMX

4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes) Customer with Internet Explorer 4.0

If you're running Microsoft Internet Explorer v4.0 click on the Add Active Channel™ button to subscribe to our Latest   News Channel. You'll be the first to see what's new at Orbit Communication and get the latest news about the industry and your 4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes) Receiver.

  +    + +  .

Showtime channels now available. If you have it on your analog side we will activate it for FREE. 1-800-576-7248

20 Encore channels are now available for
4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes)

Call 1-800-57-ORBIT to Order your 20 Digital channels of Encore for $159.95 and get the analog ones for free. Here is a brief description of the channels.

High-quality hit movies from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, presented uncut and commercial-free.

A West Coast feed of ENCORE HIT.
Encore 2 Love Stories - ENCORE2 East & West
Romantic programming that showcases movies with love themes.
Encore 3 Westerns - ENCORE3 East & West
Includes films and series about the Western Frontier era such as The Magnificent Seven and The Lone Ranger.
Encore 4
Mystery - ENCORE4 East & West
"Whodunit" programming featuring suspense, intrigue, and skullduggery with movies like Murder on the Orient Express and series like Suspense Theater.
Encore 5 Action - ENCORE5 East & West
Avoiding gratuitous violence, this exciting service highlights fine action movies and series.
Encore 6 True Stories & Drama - ENCORE6
East & West
Caters to viewers' interest in reality-based programming with fact-based stories and movies.
Encore 7 WAM! - ENCORE7 East & West
Specialized for younger viewers (aged 8-16), this channel provides wholesome family movies and educational programming.
STARZ! STARZ! 1&2 East & West
Four STARZ! Premium movie channels provide almost 40 percent of the first-run, top-grossing movies from Hollywood, including films from Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures and Universal that aren't available on any other premium movie service. STARZ! also features quality selections from independent studios and the ENCORE library of over 7,000 titles.

pl_bet.gif (1087 bytes)

STARZ! BET  East & West
2 STARZ! Premium movie channels dedicated to movies made and acted by African Americans movies stars.

4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes) Satellite name changes

Effective Thursday December 4th your satellite names will change to better accommodate the newly added satellites. Those changes are listed as follows:

S3 will become W3 C-Band, S8 Ku-=Band will become W8, S2 C-Band will become S3, S7 Ku-Band will become S8, R2 will become CA.(Generic C-Band)

New Software Update For Your 4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes) Receiver

From November 20th to the end of November. Your receiver will be downloaded the latest software update which will fix a lot of the bugs in your receiver and will also add some new features to your receiver. Keep an eye on you 4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes) Receiver mail for the new update. To check your online mail press: "Option + 1 + Enter"  Orbit Communications also offers the latest news for your satellite system. Which can be received by going to Q&A and click on VIP Registration.

To download the 4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes) update. Go to Galaxy 9 channel 780 and turn off your 4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes) receiver and at 2 am your receiver will update. this will take about 30 minutes.

To see if you got the latest 4dtv_logo.gif (306 bytes)software. Press "Options", press"6", press"5". Look at line "H" it should say "Current Version:00000061". If not, look again the next day. Remember to turn OFF the receiver at night until the new software is received.

Court TV

Order in the Court

Court is now in session, plus you can get home schooling and a bevy of classic sports showdowns with the new 4DTV receiver. Court TV, Classic Sports Network and Nebraska Educational TV join 16 HBO/Cinemax feeds, 31 Music Choice audio stations, 33 TVN pay-per-view theaters, 12 Showtime/ The Movie Channel services, 20 Encore/Starz! channels and 9 variety services available with a 4DTV receiver. See the 4DTV channel list.

At least 17 additional services will be coming to the 4DTV lineup this fall. Expect to see Animal Planet, Discovery Civilization, Discovery Kids, Discovery Science, Discovery Travel, CNN en Espaol and 10 more Music Choice stations available on 4DTV by November. Other channels that are likely to come to 4DTV in the near future are TV Food Network, Outdoor Life, America's Health Network, Ovation and additional pay-per-view options from Viewer's Choice, Request TV and Your Choice.

Some or our news stories are provided by:
Skyreport, Orbit Magazine and Satellite TV Weekly.

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