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IPSec VPN Connections

            OrbitNet 4.0 will allow outbound VPN connections to pass through the firewall using PPTP, L2TP, and also IPSec. For this instruction we used the Cisco 3000 Client application for testing, installed on a client computer behind OrbitNet, and we made an outbound connection to a VPN server on the Internet. OrbitNet was set with default settings, meaning that the firewall was at medium and Client Access Method was set to TransParent Proxy-all connections.  Thanks go out to Mike for the assistance.

            In order to pass IPSec VPN connections through OrbitNet, you will need to have some necessary information from your Network Administrator. You will need to contact them and ask what passwords and usernames are necessary for your VPN application.

This is the initial screen for the Cisco 3000 VPN Client. First you will need to click the New button and enter in the necessary information from your Network Administrator.

We connected to the VPN server using the option Allow IPSec through NAT mode both checked and unchecked.

In this section the Group Access Information is NOT the username and password! This is actually where you enter in the information to make the initial connection to the VPN server. Once this information is entered (and you specify the IP address to connect to), you can begin the connection process.

This is the first screen you will see after clicking Connect, followed by the screen below:

At this point in time, you should get the username and password login screen:

Enter in your username and password for the VPN server, then click OK. Once again you will get the Negotiating security profiles window. If the username and password match what is on the VPN server, then you will get a confirmation window that looks like this:

Followed by:

At this point you are connected to the VPN gateway. The last thing for you to do is to log onto the network when prompted:


Once verified, your VPN connection is completed.


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