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Satellite-TV Guide Orbit and SAt Directv


US RESIDENTS ONLY excluding Puerto Rico

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Satellite ORBIT has more TV Listings than any other programming guide, and -
Exciting feature articles on TV programs and stars
Daily "Best Bets" and pay-per-view listings
Movies, sports, specials and pay-per-view sections
The "ORBIT Extra!" removable channel chart with primetime schedule
Exclusive seasonal sports schedules

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Satellite DIRECT March IssueUS RESIDENTS ONLY excluding Puerto Rico

For DIRECTV Owners

Satellite Direct - Monthly DIRECTV guide - Your Cost $49.95 ($59.40 newsstand)



More ways to go to the movies - Get previews and reviews of the hottest movies of the month in our section devoted to "What's Choice at the Movies". There are also more ways to find your favorite flicks, including an alphabetized listing of movies, a monthly list of award winning pictures and movies offered by individual subscription channels.
Name your game - Whether you prefer the gridiron or a 7 iron, Satellite Direct makes it easy to keep up with your favorite sports. Our writers cover the month's highlights and alert you to coming "Milestones" - team and individual records that are about to be toppled.
Tune in to music and the arts - Put yourself front row center for the best in music and arts. Whether you prefer rock concerts, country or concertos, our section devoted to "What's Choice in Music and Arts" will keep you in tune with the high notes of each month.
Today's choices - No other single feature sets Satellite Direct apart from other programming guides - whether they're on paper or on your screen - than our "Today's Choices" section. Each and every day gets its own two page summary of the best programming.
Family favorites - From Disney to Discovery, Satellite Direct makes it easy to see the offerings for kids and the entire family. Brief reviews and recaps provide a quick guide to must-see TV for you and yours.
Direct Ticket (TM) - Pay-Per-View - Get every penny's worth from pay per view with "What's Choice on Direct Ticket". Whether you're looking for all time classics or the latest premieres, Satellite Direct can direct you to the hottest coming attractions.
Easy to use grids - Take your pick - daytime, primetime, late night. We've got all the grids you could want - with all the information right where you want it - in the grid itself.
Gadget guru - Explore the high tech world of home entertainment with the Gadget Guru, Andy Pargh. Every month, you'll find new ideas to help you make you the most of your system, including product tests, tech tips, and insights into the emerging world of CyberTV.
Vast variety - Comedy, history, documentary - they're all featured in our Variety section. Our editors select a broad range of the best programming so you can take your pick whether you're looking for laughter or learning.

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