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Technical Tips
  1. Introduction
  2. Missing every other channel on a particular satellite
  3. Getting a different satellite
  4. All Satellites and channels are "snowy"
  5. One (1) Satellite is "snowy"
  6. One Channel is "snowy"
  7. Some subscription channels have reception problems
  8. Satellite dish will not move, or is obviously pointing at the wrong satellite
  9. A satellite is out of alignment in your receiver/decoder
  10. Poor sound or no sound
  11. Subscription channel is not authorized
  12. Receiving "Lockout due to rating ceiling" message
  13. Getting "Enter customer password" message
  14. Programming on certain channels is in a different language
  15. There is an "*" on the screen
  16. C-Band Receivers Master Passwords
  17. Additional Seasonal Technical Problems

Have your satellite dish open up and say "aaahhh"! Here are some of the most common technical problems, with symptoms and possible "cures" for your C-Band satellite system. If you can't find the answer to your technical question here, call to speak to one of our professional technical support staff.

Please remember, any advice or information that Orbit Communication Corporation gives you on the phone is not a guarantee that it will correct your problem. It is only offered as assistance to you. Orbit Communication Corporation is not responsible if your system does not function properly as a result of our assistance.

Before calling Orbit Communication Corporation for technical assistance, be sure to have your unit I.D. number ready. You can find this number by tuning your satellite dish to any subscription channel, and pressing "SETUP", "1", and "1" on your remote control.