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Technical Tips
4. Symptoms: One (1) Satellite is "snowy"

Problem: Dish alignment or position

"Cures": First, check your East and West adjustments. If reception is still snowy, adjust Skew, or North and South adjustments. If your picture still doesn't improve, try changing Polarity. If none of these help, call Orbit Communication for technical assistance or consult your local dealer.

5. Symptoms: One channel is "snowy"

Problem: Tuning

"Cure": Try using your fine tuning adjustments. Another thing to check is your receiver/decoder's parental lock-out feature. This can cause a channel not to come in clear. Other adjustments to check are AFC, TI filter, or other tuning adjustments. You can consult one of our technicians for further tuning adjustments.

6. Symptoms: Some subscription channels have reception problems, but others don't.

Problem: Reception Problems on Weaker Satellites

"Cures": Many times the subscription channels having problems are on the "weaker" satellites. Here is are some weaker satellites: "F1", "S4", "T3", "S3", "*T2"

7. Symptoms: Satellite dish will not move, or is obviously pointing at the wrong satellite.

Problem: Actuator Error - No Return Pulse - Motor Error - Jack Error (one of these messages may appear on your TV screen)

"Cures": If you are experiencing one or both of these symptoms, your best bet will be to contact your local satellite dealer. Most of our customers that have these symptoms are referred to a dealer, since there is little our technicians can do over the phone to correct these problems.
These symptoms are normally the result of extreme weather (high winds, storms, etc.) or loose wires on the back of the receiver/decoder. The most common cause is severe weather, when high winds cause the dish to rotate on its pole, or axis. High winds can also bind or jam the actuator arm. If this is the cause of your problem, then you should contact your local satellite dealer when the weather clears.
If you have moved your satellite receiver/decoder to another part of your home, there may be some loose or misplaced wires on the back. There is a chance that our technicians can help you if there are loose or misplaced wires. Any other cause of these problems can best be handled by an on-site visit by your local satellite dealer or technician.

8. Symptoms: A satellite is out of alignment in your receiver/decoder.

Problem: Reprogram satellite (maybe set East or West limits)

"Cures": Depending on the brand of receiver/decoder, our technicians can help you by giving you some suggestions and simple instructions. Before calling our technical support department, please consult your receiver/decoder owners' manual for directions on programming or reprogramming a satellite. Please note, if you are not familiar with your receiver/decoder or your satellite system, you should contact a dealer for assistance. The dealer can show you the procedures for programming in a satellite(s) first hand. Programming in a satellite can be very difficult, especially if you are not familiar with your system and more than one satellite needs to be reprogrammed.
If you get a "set East/West limit" message on your screen or you suspect this is your problem, contact your local dealer. Our technicians can not help you with this procedure over the phone. It should be done on-site, by a satellite dealer or technician.

9. Symptoms: Poor sound or no sound on subscription and/or free channels.

Problem: Audio tuning adjustments

"Cures": Audio problems on subscription channels can be two fold; static in audio or no audio. Static is mostly caused by a weak signal from the satellite. Check your signal quality by pressing "SETUP", "1" and "1" on your remote control. If your signal quality is below 60, or 6.0, then you should try tuning your dish to increase your signal strength. Exit this screen by pressing "VIEW". Then, by using the "EAST" and "WEST" buttons, you should be able to tune in the satellite better. If the "EAST" and "WEST" doesn't correct the problem, try adjusting the Polarity. After these adjustments, you should have an acceptable signal quality. If this doesn't correct your problem, you should contact our technical support department or your local satellite dealer.
On free, or non-subscription, channels, audio problems can be caused by an incorrect audio mode or audio frequency setting. You should contact our technical support department or your local dealer to correct this problem.
If you have no audio on any channel, check to see if the MUTE button has been pressed on your remote or if the volume has been turned down. Contact our technical support department or your local dealer, if neither of these are the case.