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Technical Tips
10. Symptoms: Subscription channel is not authorized, or you are receiving "No Subscription..." message.

Problem: Audio tuning adjustments

"Cure": If you have had a service authorized by a programming provider, such as Orbit Communication Corporation., and are not receiving the signal, there are many different things you should check. First, check your Signal Quality ("SETUP", "1" and "1" on your remote). A low signal quality (below 60 or 6.0) can keep your receiver/decoder from receiving authorization. If your signal quality is good and your have a clear black screen (no static) on an authorized subscription channel, you should call your programming provider. They can reauthorize your service(s) by resending the authorization signal. Before calling for a reauthorization, make sure the VC light is on, located on the front of your receiver/decoder.

Also, check to make sure you are on the correct satellite and channel for that particular service, and be sure that you have subscribed to this service for the current service period. Another problem that commonly happens is that your system doesn't receive its monthly epoch. This is a code automatically sent to your module, or decoder, once a month. If you have been away or haven't watched your system for awhile, call your Orbit Communication Corporation., or your programming provider. We can update your monthly epoch by reauthorizing your programming package or service.

11. Symptoms: Receiving "Lockout due to rating ceiling" message on a subscription channel.

Problem: Change current rating ceiling

"Cure": Changing a rating ceiling is an easy process. The rating ceiling is a security measure available on most receiver/decoders that allows you to "lockout" programming with a specific content rating. Content ratings for satellite programming are like those for motion pictures, ranging from G - General Audiences to X - Adults Only. For example, if a particular channel has programming rated "R" - Restricted, and you do not want others in your house to have access to that programming. You could set the rating ceiling on your system to PG-13, PG, or G, depending on which programs you want to have locked out.

To change a rating ceiling, press "SETUP", "1" and "3". Then, use the left and right arrow keys on your remote control to either raise or lower your rating ceiling. Once you have set your receiver/decoder to the desired rating, then press "ENTER".

Another option you is to place a password on your rating ceiling setting, allowing only those persons that know your password to change your rating ceiling. This feature is discussed below.

12. Symptoms: Getting "Enter customer password" message when changing rating ceiling.

Problem: Change rating ceiling password

"Cure": A rating ceiling password will allow only those people that know the password to change the rating ceiling on your receiver/decoder. For example, you can lockout all "R", "NR", and "X" rated programming by setting your rating ceiling to "PG-13" or lower. Then, by setting a password, only you could change that rating ceiling to allow that type of programming to be seen on your receiver/decoder.
To set or change a rating ceiling password, press "SETUP", "1", and "4". If you have never entered in a password before, type in your password and press "ENTER". Your receiver will ask you to re-enter that password again for verification. If you currently have a password installed, then you will have to type in your current password before you can change it.

13. Symptoms: Programming on certain channels is in a different language.

Problem: Change audio, or language, setting

"Cure": This happens occasionally on the Cartoon Network (G1-8). To change a language, press "SETUP", "1" and "2" on your remote control. Follow the directions on the screen to change the audio setting from "Alternate" to "Primary" or vice versa. Note that you can not change the language on some channels.

14. Symptoms: There is a "*" on the screen.

Problem: Receiver/decoder has received a message via satellite signal

"Cure": On your remote control, press the "MESSAGE" button. Then press the "VIEW" button afterwards and the "*" should disappear. If this doesn't work, then call Orbit Communication Corporation. for further assistance.


C-Band Receiver MASTER PASSWORD list

Disclaimer: Orbit Communications provides these passwords on a "user beware" basis. In many cases the result of using these passwords is the clearing of all memory from the unit. If you are not sure how to reprogram your receiver from scratch, we strongly advise you to consult with a satellite service professional before proceeding.

This list is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We welcome anyone to e-mail us updates or additions.

Channel Master:

  • 6442 - Hold menu key and then simultaneously press power key while unit is in standby mode.

Chaparral: Master Clear

  • Cheyenne - Press AF94, Sat, then store on remote.
  • Cheyenne IRD - Press AF94, Sat, then store on remote.
  • Sierra, - Press AF89, Sat, sore on remote.
  • Sierra II, Sierra II+, Sierra III - Press AF94, Sat, then store on remote.

Monterey - Program password=2345
Monterey - Master Clear

  • Monterey 50, 55, 70, 90, 95 - While in standby mode, press and hold the volume up and enter at the same time. Then press and release the power key. After 10 seconds release the enter and volume up keys.
  • Monterey 30, 35 - While in standby mode, press the master reset button located at the back, then press and release power key. Wait 10 seconds then release master reset button.

Command Performance Avanti:

  • Enter 3900


  • ESR 1024, 1124, - Press 1024 for complete memory clear.
  • ESR 1024, 1124, 1324, 1424, 1624, 1724, 1824 - Press HELP and enter 0000 (Parental delete).

General Instrument

  • GI 2400, 2410, 2500 and 2600 - With the memory lock light off, simultaneously press the alpha, num, and store keys for 5 seconds. The front panel satellite display will show a "star" and a "dash" after the sequence is complete.
  • GI 2650, all 2700 series, and Innovation receivers - When prompted for a password enter: 92121. The on screen display will prompt you for more than five digits, all you must enter is these five.
  • For 4DTV see NextLevel below

Houston Tracker

  • Tracker 4&5 - Installation # = 7907878
  • Tracker 4&5 - Parental Lock # = 9080112
  • Tracker 6, 7, 8 - Installation # = 2226903
  • Tracker 6, 7, 8 - Parental Lock # = 9429
  • Echostar 3000, 4000 (new), 2406, Echostar 310, 410 - Enter MAST (8472).
  • Tracker 8+, 9, 10, 10+, Echostar 6000, 510, 710 - Press XF(63), press 8472, select installation, press enter twice.
  • Echostar 4000 (old two piece) - Press memory lock then enter 437.


  • KSR 1000 - Enter 9999


  • 4DTV - Master Password 92121
  • Hidden Menu screens:
    • Unit Status Menu: Press options, press 6 (system settings), press 0
    • Diagnostics Menu: Press options, press 6 (system settings), press 778


  • NCC-600 - Turn off power, turn on while holding PRG button on remote. Go to clear memory and enter 0500.


  • CRD 4500 or 700 - Parental lock = 3872, Setup =5172
  • PS-700EX - Setup# = 5172, Installation # = 3872


  • All models - 1048


  • President (all models) - 8570
  • SQ530, SQ560, SQ590 - 3573
  • Super 4400 - 3315
  • Supra - 3573
  • Ultra - 3573
  • UST 2020, 4500, 4600, 4700, 4800, 4900 - 3573