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What is the TiVo Service?
Why is TiVo the best personal television service?
How does TiVo make my life easier?
What do I get with my TiVo Service?
How do I pay for the TiVo Service?
What recorder brands offer the TiVo Service?
Will TiVo work with my TV setup?
Does TiVo know what I’m watching?
Where can I get TiVo?

Have more questions? We’ve organized our questions and answers into sections that we hope will make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

What Does Lifetime Subscription Mean?
How does TiVo know what programs I’ll like?
Does TiVo allow me to skip or automatically remove commercials?

Does the TiVo Service include program listings for my area?
How many days of future program listings does TiVo contain?
Can TiVo record from Pay-Per-View Channels?
Can I record two shows that are in the same timeslot?
How long are programs kept once recorded?
How long can I pause live TV?
How many shows can the recorder save?
Why do I need a phone connection?
Will it tie up my phone line?
How long does it take to download programming information and other content?
Can I save my favorite recordings onto my VCR?

How does the TiVo Service stay up-to-date?
What is the return policy?
What is warranty on the recorder?
What if I buy a recorder from a private party?
What if I move?
Is the TiVo service available internationally?




Dual Tuner:  What does it do?

  • Available on every DIRECTV Receiver with TiVo
  • Record 2 shows at the same time
  • Record 2 live shows while watching any 3rd pre-recorded show
  • Watch 2 live shows using the 30 minutes of programming memory available to fast-forward, pause, instant replay, rewind on both channels.

         Record 1 show while watching a 2nd live show

         Dual tuner is not available on Stand-alone units, but those customers can record 1 show while watching any 2nd pre-recorded show  (Stand-alone units: SVR-3000)

Dual Tuner:  What do I need?

         TiVo Service and DIRECTV  Programming sold separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:  Will I pay more for the dual tuner functionality?
A:  Not for TiVo Service-
 TiVo subscribers will enjoy the dual tuner capabilities at no extra charge

A:  Possibly for hardware hookups If you do not already have a dual LNB satellite dish, or two satellite feeds into the unit, you may have additional costs associated with upgrading your satellite set-up.

 Q:  If I don't have two satellite feeds or a dual LNB dish, what should I do?
 As with any DIRECTV System, you can install the 2nd satellite feed or dual LNB dish yourself, or you can call a retailer or satellite installer for assistance.  Professional Installation is recommended for all advanced products.

Q: If I already have a dual LNB dish and two satellite feeds into the unit, what do I do?
TiVo will send a message to your system as soon as you receive the upgrade explaining the simple steps to enable the 2nd tuner it takes about 3 minutes!


Remember, ONLY TiVo does ALL these things

  • Records every episode of your favorite series, even if the schedule changes, or its a special longer episode
  • Skips re-runs if you wish
  • Finds and records shows with your favorite actor, director, sports team, special interest, etc.
  • Suggests great new programs based on your interests so you get the most out of your programming

 DIRECTV  Receiver with TiVo  - Dual Tuner* Operation

 EASY ways to Record two shows at the same time-

:    While watching the shows you want to record, just touch the Record button

:    In the program guide, touch the Record button on any show you want

:    Search by Name, WishLists, Season Pass to find any show, then select Record

:    Sit back, do nothing, and let TiVo record the 2 shows you've already picked, the movies you told TiVo to find, or the great shows that are on at the same time.

 EASY ways to Record 2 shows and watch any 3rd pre-recorded show-

:    Use any method above - then pick a recording to watch from the Now Playing List

Now sit back, and enjoy the show while TiVo records 2 other movies or shows for you

 To watch two live shows with 30 minutes memory on each channel-

:    Use the down arrow      on the navigator circle to jump between tuners with up to 30 minutes memory on each you can flip back & forth to see the good parts & skip the bad.


:    Press Display on the remote then, use the down or up arrow to select one of the two tuners (red dots) press Select to jump to that show.  (If you just want to find out what's on another tuner, but don't want to jump to it just don't press Select.)


To channel surf on one tuner, while a show records on the 2nd-

Record a show by any method you choose, then simply channel surf away! TiVo will busily record your show on that tuner, while you look for other stuff on the 2nd

TiVo and UltimateTV Disclaimer: Actual recording capacity depends on type of programming being recorder. Dual tuner requires 2satellite inputs from a dual LNB dish antenna. TiVo and UltimateTV services are sold separately.