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Introducing the 4DTV satellite receiver from General Instruments (formerly General Instrument), the leader in satellite television. Keep on enjoying all the benefits of your big dish: the choices, the picture quality, the entertainment value, the freedom. The 4DTV receiver will make you appreciate your big dish even more, thanks to its ability to receive crystal clear digital video signals and advanced user features such as its Interactive Program Guide.

When you add the 4DTV receiver to your big dish system, you'll be able to receive four types of satellite signals: the analog "in the clear" (free programming) and analog "VideoCipher scrambled" (subscription channels) you've been watching up to now, as well as the new free digital and encrypted digital DigiCipher broadcasts.

Since digital allows more channels on each satellite, you'll have even more programs to choose from so you can watch what you want when you want. Enjoy choosing from over 600 channels initially, and just watch the number of new channels continue to grow. More Pay-Per-View channels so you can watch the latest movies virtually on demand - day or night. Dozens of CD-quality music channels without commercial interruption, new movie channels, sports, news and so much more.

Compared to cable and mini-dish systems, the 4DTV receiver gives you even more of what you want to watch. More sports. More movies. More music. More special interest and international programming. More adult entertainment. And with the 4DTV receiver, you only pay for the programs you want. Unlike cable and mini-dish systems, being able to choose where you buy your programming means you'll always be able to shop for the best price. Thanks to all the additional free programming, the 4DTV receiver makes your big dish system an even better entertainment value-month after month and year after year.

The 4DTV receiver makes it easy to find what you're looking for, thanks to its advanced Interactive Program Guide. Surf all available channels on screen-by category-and move to the program of your choice-even if its on another satellite-with the push of a button. Even adding new satellites has been made simple and the 4DTV receiver can even find your favorite program if it moves to another location.

Freedom of choice. Ease of use. Professional quality first generation signal. It all adds up to the 4DTV receiver-the next level in satellite entertainment.

To get your own 4DTV satellite receiver, contact your us. For more information or to authorize your 4DTV receiver, call Orbit Communications at 1-800-57-ORBIT.

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