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       The Digital Era Is Here!
As you may have heard, there's a revolution going on in satellite entertainment. A digital revolution. Many of your favorite channels are converting their broadcasts to digital; new digital services are already here, with more on the way!  Introducing the 4DTV satellite receiver from General Instrument, the leader in satellite television.

Keep on enjoying all the benefits of your big dish: the choices, the picture quality, the entertainment value, the freedom. The 4DTV receiver will make you appreciate your big dish even more, thanks to its ability to receive crystal clear digital video signals and advanced user features such as its Interactive Program Guide
When you add the 4DTV receiver to your big dish system, you'll be able to receive four types of satellite signals: the analog "in the clear" (free programming) and analog "VideoCipher scrambled" (subscription channels) you've been watching up to now, as well as the new free digital and encrypted digital DigiCipher broadcasts.

Since digital allows more channels on each satellite, you'll have even more programs to choose from so you can watch what you want when you want. Enjoy choosing from over 500 channels initially, and just watch the number of new channels continue to grow. More Pay-Per-View channels so you can watch the latest movies virtually on demand- day or night. Dozens of CD-quality music channels without commercial interruption, new movie channels, sports, news and so much more.

Make your big dish even better

Compared to cable and mini-dish systems, the 4DTV receiver gives you even more of what you want to watch. More sports. More movies. More music. More special interest and international programming. More adult entertainment. And with the 4DTV receiver, you only pay for the programs you want. Unlike cable and mini-dish systems, being able to choose where you buy your programming means you'll always be able to shop for the best price. Thanks to all the additional free programming, the 4DTV receiver makes your big dish system an even better entertainment value-month after month and year after year.

The 4DTV receiver makes it easy to find what you're looking for, thanks to its advanced Interactive Program Guide. Surf all available channels on screen-by category-and move to the program of your choice-even if its on another satellite-with the push of a button. Even adding new satellites has been made simple and the 4DTV receiver can even find your favorite program if it moves to another location.

The 4DTV Receiver is the Clear Choice

The 4DTV receiver allows you to receive first generation analog and digital signals-the same signals professional broadcasters receive. We call it Digital Master Broadcast. You'll call it simply amazing. Razor sharp video, along with crisp Dolby Digital audio will turn your home into a true home theater. There's simply no better audio/video television signal available anywhere at any price.

Freedom of choice. Ease of use. Professional quality first generation signal. It all adds up to the 4DTV receiver-the next level in satellite entertainment.

The 4DTV digital satellite receiver has the most powerful program information and Interactive Program Guide we've ever developed for easy access to hundreds of digital and analog channels. At the touch of a button, you can call up information about every program on satellite-for up to a week-right on your screen. Just highlight your program selection on-screen, press "Enter" on your remote, and the 4DTV receiver will take you there. It's that simple.

You can customize the Guide to automatically locate your favorite channels or entertainment categories. Create two different favorite channel lists, or choose your favorite kind of programming from a wide variety of categories including sports, movies, music, news, education, network series and Pay-Per-View. Then, just sit back while the 4DTV receiver displays only the programs that match your choices.

The Guide displays helpful information including program title, ratings, satellite and channel name and number, start and finish times, and current time. The convenient Mini-Guide allows you to watch a program while you make selections. On-screen icons make it easy to identify different types of programs and special features like Pay-Per-View, interactive services, secondary language programming (in French or Spanish) or system timers. The 4DTV receiver automatically tracks your favorite programs should they move satellites or transponders. Even adding new satellites has been made easy.

The big dish brought the world into your home. The 4DTV receiver puts it at your fingertips.

The 4DTV digital satellite receiver delivers professional quality signals to you right from the programming source, unlike the signals that the cable companies and mini-dish systems downlink, compress and then rebroadcast to their subscribers. We call it Digital Master Broadcast. You'll call it simply amazing.

Hundreds of channels of analog and digital programming in all their pristine clarity. Razor sharp, digital and analog video. Crisp, Dolby Digital technology to deliver Surround Sound audio and digital stereo. Your picture quality will always be better on the 4DTV system. There's simply no better television signal available anywhere at any price.

Digital Master Broadcast. The Next Level of Video and Audio Performance.

The 4DTV receiver is also High Definition TV and Internet access compatible so you'll be ready to take advantage of these services as they become available.

The most programming choices available anywhere. A clearer picture. A sophisticated Interactive Program Guide to make program location and selection a breeze. The ability to expand with new technology. The lowest programming cost of any television system. No wonder we say the 4DTV satellite receiver is truly the next level of satellite entertainment.
Expand your viewing options with our analog decoder module. Click here for details.

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C / Ku Fully Integrated Receiver/Descrambler -
Tune in either C band or Ku Band for over 600 channels of entertainment.
  Color On-Screen Display -
A variety of on-screen menus directs you through all of the receiver functions. Simple one button menu selection allows for easy movement through screens.
10 Favorite Channels -
Up to a 10 favorite channels can be instantly recalled for easy access. All channels can be changed or updated at any time.
4 even 2 week VCR Timer -
Combined with your VCR, this feature allows you to easily program your satellite receiver for upcoming events.
Direct Satellite Access -
You can move to a satellite directly by entering the satellite's abbreviation and number.
DigiCipher II — with MPEG-2 technology.
High Speed Data Ports — allows interface to computers/Internet and other products such as High Definition TV (HDTV) when they become available.
Dolby Digital — encoded material can be played as stereo or decoded by a Dolby Digital sound.
Clear analog reception offers free programming including raw network feeds, sports feeds, home shopping, international and religious programming and more.
Parental Lock (Channel Lock) -
Allows you to lock out undesired channels from viewing.
UHF/IR Remote Control -cx
With this remote, every feature of your receiver can be accessed with the touch of a button.

Easy does it! The 4DTV™ receiver has the most powerful program information and Interactive Program Guide ever developed, for easy access to hundreds of digital and analog channels. Your C-band system brought the world into your home. Let the 4DTV™ receiver put it at your fingertips.

Absolutely State-of-the-Art GUI

Take a tour

Program Guide

Mini Guide

Program Banner

See what programming is available for the next 7 days. Interactive Program Guide can be viewed as a full screen with 6 channels or as a Mini-Guide with 2 channel entries.
Create two favorite channel lists or choose types of programming from entertainment categories.
Parental control will block out unwanted channels and satellites.
Multi-language support with easy user set-up for audio and sub-title language preference.
Instant Pay-Per-View lets you order up to 7 days in advance.
Program Timers allow automatic tuning to a desired channel at any time. Wide range of timing options, including a sleep timer. 5 timers available.
Interactive Program Guide allows you to select programs of any type on any satellite with just one touch.
Mini-Guide allows you to watch one program while you search the guide for other program information.
Program Information — pull up detailed information of the movie or program you're watching, or the next program.

DSR-922 4DTV Top Of The Line. Digital & Analog Satellite Receiver with Digicypher II and Dolby Digital 5+1(AC-3) Surround output, S video out on analog and digital channels, Compatible With Mpeg-2, Videocipher II Ready, Data,HDTV, $749.95 In-Stock

* Comes with the GI 2 year warranty plus an Orbit 48 hour swap out warranty, 2 hours installations tech support, Activation and download of Digital channels and IPG. Direct e-mail 4DTV News on a weekly basis. Lifetime support, Free help adding new satellite. And this unit is the latest Bug FREE unit.

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Comparision Chart
FEATURES GI 350I GI 450I GI 4DTV PC3000 PC-4000 SQ590 Drake
Favorite Channel Memory 10 10 Mapped 40 160 160 100 100 100 100
Favorite Audio Channel Memory 0 0 Mapped 0 0 160 0 0 100 100
Satellite Position Memory 50 50 60 40 56 55 50 50 50 50
C/Ku Capabilities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Color On-Screen Display Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes B&W B&W Yes Yes
Direct Satellite Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Parental Lock Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Control (*optional) IR UHF IR/UHF IR IR/UHF IR/UHF IR UHF UHF UHF
Autopeak No No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Auto Satellite Locate No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Front Panel Display and control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
VCR Timer No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Stereo Processor No No Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
VCR Output (No graphics out) No No No No Yes Yes No No No No
On Screen TV Guide No No Yes No No Yes No No No No
Loop-Thru For Ext. Filters No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes
Ti Filter No No Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Warranty (Year) 1 Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 1 Yr 1 Yr 1 Yr 1 Yr 1 Yr 1 Yr 1 Yr

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Your Ticket to all the channels you Love! 
ON-SCREEN DISPLAY Set-up screen parental control by Rating or simply ordering paid programming is as easy as a click of a button
BUILT-IN MODEM (VIDEOPAL®) Allows you get access to lots of great pay-per-view programming!
CHEAPER THAN CABLE & DBS! C-band is still the best programming value around!
SECURITY UPGRADEABLE If security codes ever change, all you do is insert in a new security card to upgrade you VCRS Module .
GUARANTEED TO FIT every receiver with a slot for a VCII and VCII Plus
VCRS.jpg (6115 bytes)You can access scrambled channels and add all kind of programming by adding a new Decoder Module to your C-band system. It's the best way to increase your programming options — even cheaper than cable and DBS! Most programs are transmitted via C-band which means your picture is always the clearest that it can be. You will have more than twice as many choices of the best movies, sports, news and special interest programs. To install, simply slide it into your receiver. With just a phone call, you can subscribe to your favorite programming, and you'll have movies, concerts, sports events, and more to choose from! See what you've been missing and enter into the expanding world of subscription and pay-per-view programming with this incredible decoder.

VCRS Decoder module for C-Band receivers $269.95 Discontinued

VCRS-U Decoder module for C-Band receivers (With the purchase of a new Receiver) $239.95 Back Order

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