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Dish Aiming Reports 

computer.gif (5558 bytes) Dish aiming reports are generated for all visible satellites ( from 0
elevation ) from one given latitude / longitude per report. 

Reports are magnetic declination compensated - All satellite
azimuths are given as magnetic compass bearings. 

Reports are available via E-mail or fax only. One address per order. 
English $12.95

   by Frank Baylin, Brent Gale and Ron Long  5th "Digital"Edition

Our Best-Seller - The Home Satellite TV "Bible"
The completely revised fourth edition is an invaluable sourcebook for owners of home satellite TV systems and professional installers alike. This comprehensive reference, the industry standard with more than 53,000 copies in print, thoroughly explores the fundamentals of satellite communications and earth station operation, explains how to select and evaluate satellite TV components, details installation procedures including multiple-receiver and multiple-television hookups and large dishes, and sets out a complete strategy for troubleshooting any satellite TV system. The Manual is a complete reference that clearly explains such subjects as half transponder formats and circular polarization. An excellent working tool, it
presents all the details anyone needs to install, operate and maintain a satellite system.

Additional materials in the 4th edition include an outline of digital video compression methods and the MPEG-2 digital video standard, a discussion of the on-going transition from analog to digital broadcasting, terrestrial interference in a digital environment and a study of IF distribution systems.

PARTIAL CONTENTS: Satellite Communication Fundamentals. MPEG-2 Digital Video Broadcasts. The Communication Satellite. The Receive Site. Terrestrial Interference. Selecting Satellite TV Equipment. Installing Satellite TV Components. Upgrading Satellite Television Systems. Television Distribution Methods. Troubleshooting and Repair. Large Dish Systems. Designing Satellite TV Systems. APPENDICES: The Decibel Notation, Satellite TV Equations. Channel-Wavelengths and Bandwidths. Glossary. Manufacturers of Satellite TV Equipment. Trade and Reference Publications.

324 pages / 8.5x11 inches/ over 300 illustrations, photographs and tables/ appendices, glossary / 0-917893-31-X


Review: This book is so informative and well written that anyone considering buying a system or who currently owns one would benefit from reading it. Every aspect of satellite TV is covered completely - STV Magazine.


   by Dr. Frank Baylin

baylin2000.jpg (5204 bytes)The Standard Reference Book

This affordable book, written in the concise style that has become the trademark of Dr. Frank Baylin, provides the information required to easily
determine the satellite programming available and the equipment necessary to receive these satellite signals from any point on our globe. It is organized into four easy-to-use sections that are separated by tabs.

SECTION I outlines methods required: 

to receive satellite audio and video signals. to interpret satellite footprints. to size dishes and select equipment to aim a receive dish an overview of worldwide broadcast standards

SECTION I also presents:
the latest in audio and video compression including digital link analysis an overview of encryption technology as well as a study of security methods and where we are heading the latest on worldwide DBS technology, systems and players an overview of higher frequency MEO (medium earth orbit) and LEO (low earth orbit) satellite systems such as Teledesic, Iridium and Skybridge

a complete listing of footprint maps and other information describing over 350 worldwide satellites - past, present and planned easy-to-read and accurate footprints of all active satellites

programming available on each active satellite world video standards and scrambling systems

addresses and telephone numbers of satellite manufacturers, service companies, programmers and major satellite system operators

Over 864 pages / 8-1/2x11" / illustrations / glossary / ISBN 0-917893-32-8

1998/2000 World Satellite Yearly
1997 World Satellite Yearly Update
Both 1997 World Satellite and Yearly Update

     by Frank Baylin 5th Edition

A clear explanation of all aspects of worldwide digital satellite TV. This completely rewritten 5th edition of the classic book Ku-Band Satellite TV is
expanded with sections on the Internet and data transmission, digital modulation methods, video and audio compression, MPEG-2 and DVB
standards, design of digital satellite receivers, worldwide scrambling methods, digital link analysis, IF distribution systems for the digital broadcasts,
mobile applications and much more...

This comprehensive book is organized into 16 complete chapters that, among other topics, cover:

History, background of satellite communications Communication fundamentals, analog and digital modulation and frequency allocations.  Analog television operation, NTSC/PAL/SECAM broadcast standards and mono and stereo audio processing methods Digital compression, MPEG-2 systems/transport layers, the DVB standard, modulation, multiplexing and error correction, the future of MPEG-2 DVB Program sources and uplink operation Satellite design, operation, launching and stationkeeping and future trends Operation of dishes, mounts, actuators, feeds and polarity selection, LNBs, downconversion methods, LNB electronic design, coaxial cable, connectors
Analog and digital satellite receiver design and operation, judging receiver performance, customer interfaces and modulators History, structure and operation of the INTERNET,uncorking the bottleneck and the satellite INTERNET providers Evaluating receive components and and overview of encryption and scrambling Detailed installation methods for fixed and tracking dish systems Retrofitting older systems to upgrade from C- to Ku-band and installation methods Retrofitting sytems for dual-satellite operation Analog and digital link analysis, adjacent satellite interference and dish sizing Components of TV distribution systems, the headend, conventional and IF methods
Marine and terrestrial mobile applications and installation methods Satellite reception problems
Troubleshooting and repair methods 


Approximately 486 pages / 8.5 x 11" / Over 400 photos, illustrations, tables, charts, appendices, glossary / 0-917893-31-X

     by Joseph Pectin 2nd Edition

This excellent book by a seasoned veteran of the industry is a brilliant excursion through the world of satellite communications. For any serious user of satellite services, it gives even a novice a knowledge of how to design, evaluate and purchase any type of data, audio or video services. Topics include:

How geosynchronous satellites work. The fundamentals of earth station operation. Global and ISDN standards. How and why to buy satellite networks and services. Voice and data networks. Video services and digital television.  The design, construction or purchase of satellite capacity. One-way and two-way spread spectrum VSATs and interactive technology. The future of satellite communications

256 pages / photos / 5.5x8.5" / illus / index / 0-936361-23-9

     by Frank Baylin, Richard Maddox and John McCormac 3rd Edition

This thorough text is a must-buy for technicians, satellite professionals and do-it-yourselfers. The design, operation and repair of satellite dishes, feeds, LNBs & receivers/modulators are examined in detail. An in-depth study of scrambling methods and broadcast formats is the backdrop to a discussion of all current American and European satellite TV technologies including the VideoCipher II, Oak Orion, FilmNet, Sky Channel, EuroCypher, D2 MAC, BSB and Teleclub Payview III. Curcuit and block diagrams of all components are presented and clearly explained throughout the handbook. This information is a prelude to the chapters on troubleshooting and setting up a test bench. This expert guidance on testing, servicing and tuning is complimented by a wealth of detailed illustrations.

PARTIAL CONTENTS: The Satellite System. Early designs. Dishes. Feeds. Polarization Formats. Polarity Selection & Control. Troubleshooting. Low Noise Amplifiers. Waveguides. Troubleshooting. Downconversion Methods. Cables and Connectors. Coax. Insulated Wire. Custom Cables. Sealing. Positioning Systems. Basic Motor Controllers. Feedback Circuits. End Point Limiters. Troubleshooting. Power Supplies. Actuator Controllers. IC Regulators. Troubleshooting. IF Circuits. Amplifiers. Bandpass Filters. Limiter Circuits. Troubleshooting. Video Processing. Demodulator Circuits. Video Processing. Audio Processing.Audio Subcarrier Specifications. Typical Audio Circuitry. Other Audio Detection Circuits. Stereo Broadcast Methods. Audio Companding. Dolby Noise Reduction. Troubleshooting & Aligning Audio Circuits. RF Modulators. Broadcast Formats. RF Modulator Circuits. Crystal Modulators. RF Interference. Troubleshooting. Miscellaneous Receiver Circuits. Indicator & LED Circuits. LED Read-out Displays. Remote Controls. Complete Circuit Descriptions. European & American Receiver Circuits and Comparisons. TV Operation. Broadcast Formats. NTSC, PAL, SECAM & MAC. Digital Audio. The Digit 2000 TV Receiver.
Teletext. Basic Scrambling Methods. Video & Audio Techniques. Digital & Analog Methods. DES Algorithm. Smart Cards. Pioneer Scrambling Systems. Telease/SAVE. Zenith SSAVI. Case Studies. RITC Discrete. OAK Orion. IRDETO. Sound-in-Sync. Lorentz PCM2.
Filmnet. Telease SAVE. Payview III, VideoCrypt. VideoCipher II and II Plus. MAC Variants Decoder Connections. Connections. Loopthrough and Chaining. Future Developments. European & Worldwide Standards. Security & Cost. Legalities. Setting Up a Test Bench. Equipment.
Synthesized Tuned TV. Troubleshooting. Field Checking Microwave Components. Substitution. Troubleshooting Microprocessors. Specialized Components. Diodes. Transistors. ICs. Hybrid Components. SAWs Filters. Appendices. Active Component Guilde. Equations. Glossary.
Channel Allocations. Manufacturers.

356 pages / 8.5x11" / over 200 photos, diagrams, wiring schematics / 16 tables / appendices, index / 0-917893-19-0

     by Frank Baylin and Steve Berkoff 1st Edition

A comprehensive study of MMDS and the closely related field of satellite master antenna TV systems. This thorough manual clearly presents all
concepts underlying MMDS and SMATV systems plus technical details of their construction and operation. SMATV systems are installed in
multi-user environments such as apartment complexes, hotels and motels, condominiums, hospitals or mobile home parks.

The book is divided into three sections. Basics and SMATV Systems details the steps required to purchase and resell satellite entertainment for profit. The site survey, planning and design phases of a private cable system are then explored. Off-air and satellite headends and all components from antennas to processing and mixing
electronics and the components required to distribute a high quality signal to every TV set are studied. Numerous examples of each design stage are offered. Other subjects include: the basics of bidding projects, the construction and installation tasks, the critical choice between in-house or
subcontracted labor, complex design issues such as inserting locally originated signals, two-way services and satellite audio reception. The chapter on systems operations presents methods to manage one or more systems as well as a logical troubleshooting approach.

Wireless Cable/MMDS Systems presents an overview of MMDS and thoroughly explores all components required to assemble a complete system, wireless signal coverage, installation methods, systems planning and operation, and legal issues. 

Private Cable Security Systems investigates technology and issues concerning protecting the security of programming. 

The 'Bible' of Private Cable TV

CONTENTS: SECTION I. BASICS and SMATV SYSTEMS. Overview and History of Private Cable TV. Economics, Sales Contracts and Regulations. Programming. The Site Survey and Planning. Headend System Design. Distribution System Design. Project Bidding. Construction and Installation. System Operations. SECTION II. WIRELESS CABLE/MMDS SYSTEMS. Wireless Cable System Overview. Wireless Cable Components. Wireless Signal Coverage. Receive-Site Installation. System Planning and Operation. A Legal Perspective on Wireless Cable in the United States. 

SECTION III. PRIVATE CABLE SECURITY SYSTEMS. Private Cable Security. Appendix A. Additional Example of Distribution Systems. Appendix B. Equations and Technical Details. Appendix C. Programmers. Appendix D. Satellite TV Guides and Publications. Appendix E. Off-Air
and Cable TV Channels. Appendix F. Glossary. Appendix G. Manufacturers. 
386 pages / 8.5x11" / photos, illustrations, diagrams, tables, appendices, glossary / 0-917893-17-4


by John McCormacHE SATELLITE • THE BLACK BOOK - New 5th Edition!

The "bible" of the black arts of signal security analyzes all the latest hacks of satellite scrambling and encryption systems. While emphasizing European systems, this book features schematics and some circuit diagrams applicable to systems worldwide.

Topics include:
Principles of security Descrambler building blocks. Audio & video scrambling techniques. Dirty Tricks and information acquisition. The Information wars
Smart cards and stupid mistakes. Cracking the code (DES and RSA)
Video manipulative scrambling systems. Cable and MMDS distribution. Descrambler hook-ups. The latest on the DIRECTV system hack INCLUDING source code. 

The International Best Seller!. 576-pages / 5-3/4" x 8-1/4" / photos, illustrations, tables / glossary/ ISBN 1-873556-22-5.


     by Steve Dye and Dr. Frank Baylin 1st Edition

The Global Positioning System (GPS) allows anyone equipped with a suitable receiver and equipment to accurately locate his or her position anywhere on the globe.

When the US Department of Defense released a frequency and an access code for civilian use, a plethora of applications appeared and a billion dollar industry was created. GPS continues to find new applications every day, some as diverse as they are ingenious, some save money and some save lives.

This book, written in a style understandable by any technically interested person, explores GPS technology and its applications. It serves as a useful guide for people wishing to familiarize themselves with modern technology as well as for those considering a receiver for personal use. It also is an excellent tool for business managers considering adopting GPS as a business tool. By using simple, clearly written text accompanied by many concise diagrams the basic principles are easily understood.

Install Your Digital Satellite System
     YOU CAN Install Your Own Digital Satellite TV System!

Baylin_DbsVideo.jpg (4831 bytes)Learn all the details about installing a mini-dish satellite system. Includes tools required, selecting the site, aligning the dish, weatherproofing and grounding, wiring and programming the receiver, and much more...
This 38 Minute Video covers generic methods to install all systems including DirecTV DSS, Echostar DISH, Alphastar and Primestar.

Do-It-Yourself Installation Video
     YOU CAN Install Your Own C-Band Satellite TV System!

VIDEOTA1.GIF (5147 bytes)The Orbit Communications Do-It-Yourself Installation Video
Learn all the details about installing a C-Band dish satellite system. Includes selecting the site, aligning the dish, weatherproofing and grounding, wiring and programming the receiver, and much more...

     Baylin Publications, latest edition

Windows Version 1.0. Professional and Easy-to-Use. Analog and Digital Receive Site Analysis. Dish Aiming & Sizing - Analog and Digital Worldwide Satellite Programming Graphs, Tables & Reports

This remarkable software does it all, with surprising ease!
Designed by Dr. Frank Baylin

"The program runs without a hitch and the documentation is excellent. In light of the wide range of calculations and data, the program ...would be a bargain at twice Baylin Publication's price" - Edgar Payne of Satellite Retailer Magazine.

SATELLITE DATABASE: All the world's communication spacecraft and the programming relayed. View all the video programming available as well as transponder bandwidths on any satellite, center frequencies or polarization formats. Or enter site latitude and longitude and print a list of those satellites viewable from your receive site.

AIMING SECTION: To activate simply enter your site coordinates. The software automatically calculates magnetic variation, compass heading, azimuth bearing as well as all the aiming angles for a polar or modified polar mount to any satellite within view or any group of satellites that you
select. A datafile or major cities worldwide with latitudes and longitudes is provided. In addition, a similar database on every city, town and village in ITU regions I, II and III is available at a small additional cost.

DISH SIZING - Analog or Digital: This component makes dish sizing, choice of LNB noise temperature and other system parameters simple. Choose between digital, NTSC, PAL or other broadcast formats to calculate G/T, S/N, C/N etc... Print detailed analysis reports with your business name as the source. Save an unlimited number of files for each customer site anywhere on the globe.

ANALYSIS - Analog or Digital: This component allows you to easily calculate most parameters relating to satellite reception including dish gain, side lobe gain, focal distance or skew as well as path loss, slant distance, G/T, C/N, video and audio S/N and much more. Crate graphs or tables of
how any one variable affects the outcome of any other. How would changing dish size or LNB noise temperature affect audio signal-to-noise ratio?  Answer a multitude of other pertinent questions.

Optinal ITU Databases contain Latitudes and Longitudes of cities, towns and villages around the world. ITU1 covers Europe and Africa. ITU2 covers the Americas. ITU3 covers Russia and Australasia.

Powerful and Simple!

SATELLITE TOOLBOX PROGRAM with Satellites, Transponders and Program databases (no ITU

   3.5" Window™ disk
ITU1 Covers Europe and Africa,
ITU2 Covers The Americas
ITU3 Covers Russia and Australasia 


SATfinder CD-ROM
     Baylin Publications, latest edition

COMPANY INFORMATION lists over 10,000 companies involved in the satellite communications industry. Search from among 31 categories of companies or by company name for a particular company. Search by product or service and then get full details including contact names and numbers.

SATELLITE INFORMATION lists over 450 planned and operational satellites. Details on owneroperator, manufacturer, launch information, bandwidth &operating frequencies, power levels and many other important details.

MAP INFORMATION gives the EIRP, G/T and SFD of most operational satellites. There are over 500 maps - decide on which satellite or country for which you wish to see coverage and then get the full details.

WHAT'S on SATELLITE lists the video activity of over 100 satellites. Frequencies, bandwidth, EIRP, video format and amny other details provided.

STANDARDS and STATISTICS gives the broadcast standards an basic statistical information on most countries in the world.

UPLINK INFORMATION gives the equipment specifications and contact information necessary to do a satellite uplink from anywhere in the world.

PLUS SATMASTER! (see opposite page for details) All necessary reference, system design and analysis tools into a single easy-to-use package. Satmaster is designed to be very simple to use and worksjust like any other Windows application with pull-down menus, toolbar for shortcuts,
dialog boxes, text and graphics windows, a status bar and a comprehensive help system. See opposite page for features.

The World's Most Complete Communication Satellite Reference Source 
The International Satellite Directory and more on CD-Rom!

Cost: Year 1 - $1,150 includes the original CD-Rom plus a new update every quarter, 4 CD_ROMs per year, a copy of the current International Satellite Directory and free access to the web magazine COST: Year 2 - Only $775 or $975 if you wish with 3 updates during the year



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