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LNBs Make all the difference in the world.

The LNB ("Low Noise Blocks") is the most important part of your satellite system — it is your  source of signal. Get yourself a new LNB and get rid of those sparkles.  We have a large selection of LNBs 

C-Band LNBs are measured in degrees Kelvin, and Ku-band LNBs are measured in decibels. The lower the temperature or decibels, the better the quality of your picture.

C-Band LNBs 
950-1450 MHz. For receivers/IRDs.
Description Price
15 ( 5Yr. Warranty)  Buy It Now


Ku-Band LNBs 
950-1450 MHz Ku. For receivers/IRDs.
Description Price

0.9 db
0.8 db
0.7 db
0.6 db
0.5 db


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