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Now theres a new, easy way to get more enjoyment from your favorite DIRECTV® programming. Introducing DIRECTV INTERACTIVE, Powered by Wink®!

This new, enhanced television service delivers sports scores, news headlines and weather forecasts at your command. You can request helpful information, play fun trivia games, take advantage of free offers and even purchase great products directly from your TV -- all without leaving the DIRECTV® program youre watching.

DIRECTV INTERACTIVE is easy to use! All the exciting features are just a click away on your remote control. For helpful tips on using the service, you can tune to the DIRECTV INTERACTIVE Center on Channel 499 anytime. Best of all, the service is FREE with all DIRECTV INTERACTIVE - enabled receivers!

When an appears on your screen, youll know that the TV show or commercial youre watching is "enhanced" with DIRECTV INTERACTIVE. Check out the
popular channels that feature this free service!

A Wining Combination
Make your play for DIRECTV INTERACTIVE !
Tune to ESPN and get up-to-the-minute
sports scores for other games without 
leaving the one you're watching

Convenient Shopping

Shop for our favorite products without ever leaving your TV! Sign up to shop just once, then discover the ease, convenience and fun of shopping with your remote. All information is encrypted for your security.

Currently, the DIRECTV INTERACTIVE™ service is available exclusively on RCA® - DIRECTV PLUS Receiver models DRD420RE, DRD440RE and DRD480RE -- in stores now. If you already have this equipment, you'll soon be getting a free automatic software download that will allow you to use the DIRECTV INTERACTIVE service.

Local Weather Anytime

Get local weather when you want it.
Instant Weather from The Weather Channel gives you forecasts for more 
then 1,000 cities across the U.S. 
Anytime, rain or shine

Have questions about the DIRECTV INTERACTIVE service? You'll find the answers in our online Q&A.

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DIRECTV INTERACTIVETM - enhanced programming is available on several popular networks! Many of these channels have enhanced television service around the clock; others offer the service during select shows. There are even channels specifically dedicated to delivering interactive content.

Finding DIRECTV INTERACTIVETM - enhanced programming is easy! Just refer to the handy chart below. And check Channel 499 for up-to-date program listings!

"Instant Weather" by The Weather Channel 492 All Day

CBS* Varies -- Check Your On-Screen Guide Select Programming
CNBC 355 All Day
CNN 206 All Day
E! Entertainment Television 236 All Day
ESPN 206 All Day
ESPN2 209 All Day
FOX* Varies -- Check Your On-Screen Guide Select Programming
Headline News 202 All Day
NBC* Varies -- Check Your On-Screen Guide Select Programming
Oxygen 251 Select Programming
SHOWTIME East 537 All Day
SHOWTIME West 540 All Day
TBS Superstation 247 Select Programming
The Weather Channel 362 All Day
TNT 245 Select Programming
TechTV (formerly ZDTV) 354 Select Programming

*DIRECTV INTERACTIVETM is available on major networks only in these markets: Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco. Click here to find out if you are eligible to receive local channels from DIRECTV.


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What is the DIRECTV INTERACTIVETM service?
It's a new, free service available on select DIRECTV receivers that gives you access to up-to-the-minute news, sports and weather information, plus the ability to interact with programs and order products and free samples right from your television using a remote control. The technology is made possible through a partnership between DIRECTV and Wink Communications, Inc., a leading developer of interactive television applications.

How does the DIRECTV INTERACTIVETM service work?
The service works through special "enhanced" programs and commercials on select DIRECTV channels. You'll know a program is enhanced when you see this symbol on your screen:

Then you simply use your remote control to request information from the program on your TV screen. The DIRECTV INTERACTIVETM service will also offer exclusive interactive channels that deliver additional entertainment and electronic shopping services.

What channels have enhanced programs?
You'll find enhanced programs on popular DIRECTV channels like The Weather Channel, ESPN, CNN, TBS Superstation, CNBC, USA Network, TNT, and E! Entertainment Television. Some of these networks offer enhanced programs throughout the day, while other channels offer the enhanced features during select programs.

How secure is my personal information when I shop through the DIRECTV INTERACTIVETM service?
Your personal information is always protected by your Personal Identification Number that you set. If you make a purchase, the merchant will use your DIRECTV customer address, phone number and the credit card information you provide to process your order. You'll also have an opportunity to request that the merchant not share your information with other companies.

How much does the DIRECTV INTERACTIVETM service cost?
Theres no monthly charge to use the DIRECTV INTERACTIVETM service. All you need is a DIRECTV programming subscription. You're only responsible for products you buy through the interactive shopping service.

To enjoy the full benefits of your DIRECTV INTERACTIVE service, you should always have a land-based phone line connected to your DIRECTV Receiver. Hardware and programming are sold separately. Programming is subject to change.