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One For All URC-8090
One For All Home Producer 8 Universal UHF/IR Remote Control with 8 Device control, 32K Memory, LCD Status Screen Back-Lite controls your DIRECTV Systems and home theater through the walls from anywhere around your home -- up to 100 feet away.

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Our Discount: $70.00   
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Universal IR/RF Remote Control System
by Universal Remote

Uses radio frequency and infrared technology to control your DIRECTV Systems and home theater through the walls from anywhere around your home -- up to 100 feet away

 Home Producer Operates Any Combination Of Eight Devices
TV, VCR, Cable/Video Accessories, DIRECTV Systems/SAT, CD, Laser disc/DVD, Cassette, Amp/Misc. Audio, Tuner/Receiver
  • Home Producer gives you the maximum level of flexibility and control thanks to radio frequency (RF) technology. With the Home Producer, you can control your infrared (IR) DIRECTV Systems and Home Theater equipment through the walls from anywhere in your home -- up to 100 feet away. And, not only does Home Producer eliminate the confusion of multiple remotes, it lets you control any combination of eight devices. Home Producer is the ultimate universal remote control.
Electroluminescent Back lit Keypad and LCD
  • The LCD status system provides more information about extended functions -- resulting in easier customization -- and the back lit keypad makes changing functions a snap in any light.
Home Theater Mode
  • Imagine walking into your home theater room and using just one key to turn on a series of electronic equipment -- all to your precise predetermined settings. The Home Theater Mode key lets you do it
Timed Macros
  • This feature enables you to pre-time a series of 10 different sub programs including, but not limited to Timed Recording, System Activation and Sequencing. These macros can be set to seven days in advance for your convenience.
  • Obsolete is a word that will never apply to Home Producer. The remote can be upgraded to operate new devices.
Code Saver
  • Our Code Saver memory - retention feature means you can replace depleted batteries and never have to reprogram Home Producer -- ever.

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